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We provide photo repair, photo reconstruction, photo colourisation and colour enhancement.

My Photorestore is an online Service and formed by professional artists dedicated to affordable digital photo editing services. There is no doubt that old photos are priceless treasures. Unfortunately for many years being the enemies of photographs: light, humidity and heat leads to deterioration in photograph’s quality. We can digitally restore faded, stained and damaged photos of any type. We can reconstruct damaged areas. Using digital computer techniques we can repair, retouch, restore, reconstruct and enhance your damaged photographs.

Years of experience in digital photographic techniques and our creativity allow us to restore old photos back to their original condition. We supply the highest quality services not only for professionals. Now we offer a wide range of photo restoration services to every individual consumer!

Services We Offer

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Photo Restoration

Minor Restoration

Remove any small marks or spots, scratches, small rips, tears and minor moisture or fire damage.

Standard Restoration 

Repair holes, larger marks, scratches, rips, tears and standard moisture or fire damage. Includes any minor restoration.

Major Restoration

Repair extensive marks, scratches, rips or tears and extensive moisture or fire damage damage. Includes any standard restoration.

Photo Colourisation

Convert black and white to colour

Replace black and white with original colours

Replace Black and White with optional colours


Convert black and white to sepia

Replace Black and White with preferred brown sepia tones

Photo Reconstruction

Minor Reconstruction

Reconstructing small pieces missing and can include objects, textures and backgrounds or people.

Standard Reconstruction

Reassembling moderate size missing pieces and includes objects, textures, backgrounds and partially missing people and faces.

Major Reconstruction

Reconstructing extensive areas of objects, textures, backgrounds. Only Partially missing faces and bodies can be reconstructed.

Colour Enhancement

Basic Colour Enhancement

Enhance and restore colours that have faded minimally  over time.


Advanced Colour Enhancement

Enhance and restore colours that have faded extensively over time.

Enhance and restore colours that have faded slightly over time.


Orders & Pricing


At the beginning please familiarise yourself with our photo editing services costs. Prices depend on the extent of damage and size of your order.

We guarantee lower prices for large orders!

We have made it simple to place your order on MyPhotorestore

Customer Friendly – 1) Upload Photos using this website. 2) Receive and Accept Quote. 3) 50% Payment before commencing. 4) Approve restoration. 5) 50% Payment on completion. 6)Receive Delivery of your completed restoration.

Upload damaged photos

Upload damaged photos using a photo quality Flatbed scanner. Scan 600 dpi at the same physical size. Photos must fIll the entire area of scan. Save as JPEG. Scan full colour even if your photos are black and white. Provide any relevant information

50% On commencing

Once you approve your quote, please make the payment through EFT or PayPal and our pricing guide checkout. After receiving payment we realise your order within 3 days. Next email will be sent with an attached "proof" of your photo. Such "proof" or sample version has our visible watermark.

50% On Completion

In the last step after you have confirmed that you are satisfied with the quality of restored photos, we will send an email confirming the collection or the photo by URL. If you are not satisfied, we will incorporate any changes and post the modifications for your approval. If you are still not happy after the second attempt, we will refund your money.


Each photo is accessed & charged differently.

Every damaged photo is different and may require a combination of services so pricing may vary.  For an accurate price please upload your photos. We will access them and get back to you ASAP with a free Quote.

We treat photos with care

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For an accurate price upload your photos. We will reply within 24 hr.

Pricing Table

Compare our prices to the competition. With the highest quality our prices are 30-60% lower!

Prices do not include scans or prints. We send digital ready materials to you by email once the restoration is complete. All prices are in Rands. We complete orders in around 3 days or more for very damaged Photos. Maximum time is five working days.

MyPhotorestore Online Professional Service restores faided ,damaged or torn photographs. We restore colours that have faded over time. As well as reconstruct missing pieces.

Why Choose Us?

Our experience allows us to effectively repair most damages to photographs and affectively restore the previous magnificence of your old photos. We are amongst the best experts in our specialised field.

People Love Our Service

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we can proudly say that our customers love us and the work we do!





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