How to scan photos to send for photo restoration?

Although MyPhotoRestore offers a full scanning service you are able to scan your damaged photos your self and email them for restoration work. Scanning a high quality image of your damaged photo is crucial before any restoration work can begin. When scanning photos or images use High end quality Photo scanner that has an Optical resolution of at least 9500. A common office scanner and most scanners found in copy shops do not scan at a higher enough resolution for Professional digital Photo restoration. Only scan to a very high resolution (600 dpi RGB colour image) and must scan to the actual size (output) you would like your image printed. If you are scanning to send photo for an assessment and free quote you need only send a low res high quality jpg. Do not enhance or optimize your photo in any way and always scan in colour (even if your photo is black & white). Save your scanned photo in JPG format and give it a descriptive name, for example: grandpa-joe.jpg. Always ensure that the .jpg format is on the high Quality setting.

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