Before you upload your damaged photos follow these guide lines for scanning, for best quality photo assessments and photo restoration.

Any Foto First Print Services in SA will be able to assist you with scanning your damaged photos. Please provide the following scanning specifications and upload once scanned.

1. Use a flatbed Photo Quality scanner

2. Scan at 600 dpi (resolution) at the same physical size of original photograph. Or 1200 dpi (resolution) if enlargements are required

3. Scan colour even if your Photos are black and white

4. Select only the area of your photo to be scanned, corner to corner so there are no unwanted edges surrounding, as this depletes the resolution 

5. Save as JPEG at a maximin of a large file in the JPEG options

6. Do not use any auto correct settings  for scanning

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 100 files.