Satisfaction Policy

Our customers have been very satisfied with our work – and keep coming back to us with their photo editing requirements. Our goal is to provide you with absolute satisfaction with our services.

If you are not satisfied, we will try to make things right. If you are still not happy after the second attempt, you have a money back guarantee.

Sometimes if your photograph is seriously damaged it can be restored to a better state but not perfect. In this case we will inform you clearly about it. If you anyway decide for the service you cannot ask later (when you are not satisfied) for re-work unless you incur extra cost.

Asking for a re-work about something that was not mentioned beforehand in the instructions, or asking to reopen a closed order, may be performed only with extra cost.

There may be certain instances where it may not be possible to perform a service due to mainly technical reasons. In those rare cases, we will immediately refund your payment for that service and notify you.

MyPhotorestore will not refund any money after you have accepted the completed work.

If you have any questions regarding this Satisfaction Policy, please email us.

We reserve the right to change terms, rates and fees at any time, for any reason.